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Valentine Love!

HTML5 may be coming to Cira's Lounge Site

I can't get the Cira site to work on my ipad!?  We know and apologize, it's because it's built around Adobe Flash.  Iphone and ipad users are in a way blocked from sites supporting Flash. It seems to be a territory issue to keep its app development in its closed marketplace. If you have Flash then other developers can go around Apple and build apps that could be used on its platform. (And apps make Apple a lot of money!!!) I love my ipad, but I hate that I miss out on a lot of content, even our own Cira Lounge site. ( see stats below ) So later in the year we well try to rework things in html5 and see how it runs. We want all of our friends to enjoy the site so we will work hard to bring you something fun and laid back that will work on all platforms. 

It will still take a little time before HTML5 reworks the web and replaces large chunks of the Flash community but it is coming slowly. For now here is a few stats to yell at Siri about.
1.2 billion mobile phones are Flash-capable, excluding the iphone
98 percent of Internet-enabled desktops use Flash (yes Macs to)
85 percent of top 100 Web sites use Flash
No. 1 platform for video on the Web – 75 percent of all videos use Flash
2-3-million-person Flash developers community
90 percent of creative professionals have Adobe software on their desktops

Stop In the name of love

Happy Valentines!!!
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